Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Dream Notes


I have some interesting dreams that I need to get around to translating into blog entry form, but I really kind of need to wait until I have a good chunk of time to do it. Right now I have only a few minutes, so I thought I'll just share some dream notes that date from the night between Dec. 17 and Dec. 18 and the night between Dec. 21 and Dec. 22. I don't really remember the dreams in question very well, but here we go anyway...

Dec. 17/Dec. 18:

Getting a pizza with Dad.
Wanted to talk to him about his dad. He seemed troubled about that.
Got into a giant truck. I was barefoot. Didn't think it would matter, but then I did.
Driving through a ghetto. Kids were getting in our way. Some of them were laughing about it. A lot of them had bicycles.
Then we were walking. The kids in front of me were very slow.
I had to keep telling them to get moving.
In a public restroom:
Working on a sound recording project. Put some files near computer to be ready for next time: files looked like mail/bills.
Kids were posting Peanuts comics on the wall. This was supposed to get them on the front page. Accidentally knocked down a HR/Strong Bad comic. Put it back up. The kids might get in trouble otherwise.
Videogame: S.B. flying a plane, passing through smaller and smaller rings at the center of a hollow sphere, luring a swarm of bees to be captured in a condensed object.
Claire and Luke Dunphy doing... something?

Dec. 21/Dec. 22:

Little house on Little Clavito street in place of alarm.
Left guitar in car overnight, warped it so that it won't tune correctly.
Walking w/ friend Alan.
Sitting in my bedroom playing guitar.
Little rodents running around.
Trying to accomplish something without waking teacher.
Woke teacher, got in trouble.
Singing in class, didn't know the words, we all got D's.

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